Acting was not the master plan for me. Someone that knew I did voice-overs suggested that I set up a media bio on Backstage, saying although it's mainly for actors, they have listings for voice-over work as well. So I set up a very basic bio page, drop my demos on it and kept it moving. Shortly thereafter, I started getting emails from Backstage stating that my bio was incomplete. After about the seventh one, I decided to inquire about the situation, and because I got an eighth notification before I got a reply back, I inquired a second time. Both replies came back stated my bio was incomplete because I didn't have a photo up on my page. I replied back (to each one), "I'm a voice-over artist, why do I need a picture?" One return reply came back saying based on how their system is set up, I will continue to get notifications until I post a picture. The other return reply said the exact same thing... but also added "Although you are a voice-over talent, you should never turn your back on any opportunity that may come your way."


I took it to heart and put up a photo. A few months later I got an email from an executive producer of a indie film previously called "Purpose Built" now known as "Downshift." He saw my picture and asked would I be interested in reading for a role. I explained to him right then and there that I was a VO artist and had never acted in my life. He told me to come in and read for it. I did... and got the role, and two days later, I was on a shoot acting for the very first time.


From there I was on my way. I started pursuing more acting gigs, having done webseires and shorts here and there. A year later I got an email to audition for the play "A Soldier's Story." I hadn't pursued any theatre work before, not that I was shying away from it, but I knew what it would entail and as a fledgling in the business I didn't think I was ready. Well, I blew the director away in the audition and he cast me on the spot. He wanted to give me a major role from the jump, but didn't me to be overwhelmed, so he gave me the role of CJ. Rehearsals went on and I was complimented on how prepared I was and how I took to the part. I was going to learn a few guitar chords to help me with the role, and was two hours from buying a guitar when I got a call from the director. Ironically a very direct call that said that the person that was supposed to play Sgt Waters had become ill and was unavailable, and now I was Sgt. Waters. I didn't show my fear over the phone, but my heart was racing like crazy, but I took to it like a fish to water, and by the time our next rehearsal came around I was already halfway through Act I off book. My theatre debut was this monumental role, and sixteen months prior acting wasn't mentally on my radar at all. My only formal training was an introductory improv class with John Swist of QuickThinking Improv which I took to improve myself as a VO artist. I constantly give him credit for where I am today.

Age Range: 40-60


  • Male

  • 6' 3"

  • 230 lbs

  • Average Build

  • Black to Salt & Pepper Hair

  • Brown Eyes


Chekhov Technique Acting Craft Workshop with Jared Kelner, NYC

PDR Voice-Over Coaching, NYC

QuickThinking Improv, NYC

Edge Studio, NYC


Breathless (Short Film)

 - Audience Choice Award, Orlando Urban Film Festival, November 2017

Out of the Black & Blue (Web Series)

 - Best Web Series, The Monkey Bread Tree Film Festival, June 2017

In Our Backyard (Web Series)

- Audience Choice Award, Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, July 2016


Emcee, Memories of Motown, December 2017

Finalist, Manhattan Monologue Slam, October, 2015

Emcee, Stella By Mahlisa Fashion Show, August 2011


Death of a Salesman

Uncle Ben

Diane L. Parker /

Somerset Valley Players & The Robert W.  Pittenger Family


Romeo & Juliet

Lord Capulet

Mike Gardiner / The Black Box Performing Arts Center



The Duke of Venice / Montano

Matt Okin / The Black Box Performing Arts Center

William Sitves - A Living History

William Stives

Beverly Mills / The Stoutsburg Cemetary Association


Brucie / Evan

Matt Okin / The Black Box Performing Arts Center

Shakespeare's Lost Masterpiece

Homeless Man

Darrell Lawrence Willis / Bernice Garfield-Szita - Center Players

The Meeting


Mark Antonio Henderson /

Dunbar Repertory Company & Middletown Arts Center

Swipe Right


Adam Parrish / The PlayGround Experiment

You Can't Take It With You


Jake Oliver / Kathy Connoly-Oliver - Holmdel Theatre Company


Troy Maxon

Gwen Ricks-Spencer / Bridge Players Theatre Company


Father John Jeffries

Ollie Fielding / The PlayGround Experiment

Aaron Truehart - A Living History

Aaron Truehart

Beverly Mills / The Stoutsburg Cemetary Association


Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

John Prentice Sr.

Diane L. Parker /

Andy Gordanier & Roz Wroblewski

Villagers Theatre & Cultural Arts Center




Colette Robert / Mission to DITMARS Productions

Radio Golf

Roosevelt Hicks

Jerome Arthur John / Alissa Nicole - Mystic Valley Players

The Spirits of Hopewell Valley

Samuel Blackwell

Virginia Barrie /

Juliana Arberger - The Hopewell Valley Historical Society

The Curious Case of a Casual Terrorist


Sudipta Bhawmik / Richard Monteiro - ECTA

Of Mice & Men


Michael Kroll / Laurie Devino - Holmdel Theatre Company

Who Am I... A Christmas Lullaby

Mr. Heart

Mahogany Reynolds / Just Be You Performing Arts

Slow Bullet... My Three Loves

Zeke Brown

Afrika Brown / F.A.M.E. NYC

Camp Logan

Sgt. McKinney

Michael Anthony Green /

Shades Of Truth Theatre & New Heritage Theatre Group


Troy Maxson

Jerome Arthur John /

Andy Gordanier - Villagers Theatre & Cultural Arts Center

The Musical Comedy Murders Of 1940

Sgt. Michael Kelly

Judi Parrish /

Russoniello & Gross - Villagers Theatre & Cultural Arts Center

Uniform Justice

Lonnie Chapman & News Announcer

Chukwuma Obasi & Audrey Ross / OBASI Productions

Failure To Thrive

 - Officer Potato

 - The One Minute Manager

 - Sargeant Jay

 - Detective

 - Head of Crisis Panel

Barbara Vann & Cameron McIntosh /

The Medicine Show Theatre Company

So You Think You're Godd

Johnnie Cochrane

Jeffrey Milstein / JEM Productions


Daniel Quinn

Chelsea Cohen / It's Just As Well Productions

Uniform Justice

Lonnie Chapman & News Announcer

Chukwuma Obasi & Fariddudin F. Johnson /

TE'A at Intersections International

I Don't Know Why He Loves Me

Rev. Al Cunningham

Bernard Corbett / New Destiny Productions

A Soldier's Story

Sgt. Waters

Christopher Dames / Brooklyn Performing Arts Center


True Crime With Aphrodite Jones - Episode 609, Burning Man

Rev. Lomax Salter

Ron Marans / Peacock Productions


April Again


Tyrel Hunt / Gritty Vibes Productions


Holy Fire

Pool Hall Patron

Steven Bhiro / Sinai Pictures


Mr. Irving

Ryan Schmitz / Big Whiskey Productions




Sus Boys


Brandon Pettus / SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory

Conversations Centered Around Black Bodies: Militant Mother


Chris Jon Conti / Yellow Cup Pictures



Anaiis Cisco / Glass Room Media


Older Gentleman

Esther van Zyl / Esther van Zyl Productions

Wade In The Water

Church Elder

Abbesi Akhamie & Brittany Fennell / Akhamie Films

Gray Matters

Dr. Ackerman

Melissa Murray / The Cynical Owl, LLC

Byrne's Game


Brandon Arroyo / Giant Island Films

Final Warning - A TV Adaptation of Michael Mann's Heat


Jahbari Rosario / NYU

The Idiot's Guide To The Black Revolution

Older Shelton

Melissa Murray / The Cynical Owl, LLC


Strawberry Blonde, Calling


Brandon Pettus

Jadakiss (Featuring Ne-Yo & Nipsey Hussle), Ain't Nothin' New


Clifford Bell / Ghetto Nerd Productions

Dyme-A-Duzin, That Chicken


Tanner Jarman / D-Major Productions


Dekunle Wants to Die - Episodes 1, 7, 9, 10


Dekunle Somade / Studio 181 Productions



Ben Sr.

Cris Thorne / Crizlassic Productions

Out Of The Black & Blue -

Season 1, Episodes 3-6; Season 2, Episode 1

Dr. Benny Goodman

Jeff Edmund / The City Theatre Project

Devil's Work - Season 1, Episodes 1-3, 5


Denise Olusala / Olusala Sisters Productions

Looking Through The Windows - Episode 14, The Search

Mad Actor

Cris Thorne / Crizlassic Productions

In Our Backyard - Seasons 1&2, Episodes 1-5

Detective Joseph December

Cris Thorne / Crisslassic Productions

Common Threads - Episode 4, The Ghost in The Room

Detective December

Cris Thorne / Crizzlasic Productions


Travis Beckles

Gabriel & Jackie Tolliver / KiwiBrooklyn Media Group


Diamonds (Short Film)

Narrator and News Reporter

Hari Kapoor / Diamond Films


The Thurgood Marshall College Fund 30th Anniversary Video


Edge Studios


FDNY Firefighter's Exam (Radio Commercial)


Edge Studios

Asterism (Short Film)


Cris Thorne / Crizlassic Productions


NY Red Bulls 2017 Season Ticket Renewal

Commercial VO

Edge Studios


Diary Of A Badman (Movie Trailer)


Diemiruaye Deniran & Richard Bird / Deniran Films


Space Is The Place (Radio Broadcast Theatrre)

Dr. Ben Makabi

Gabriel Tolliver

Radio For Your Soul Pruductions, and The 366th Creative Mothership Group


Quest For Equality: Harlem, by Langston Hughes (eLearning Module)


Jenn Henry / Jenn Henry Creatives


Tresiba (Commercial)


Visual Merc


Deep House Rising with DJ Squid (Radio Bump)


Steve Soleyn


Harassment In The Workplace (eLearning Tutorial)


United Educators


The Foxy Fox & Snazzy Stork (Podcast)

Jubilant Jungle Judge

Alison Loretta / NYU


K.L. Foote - The People's Choice

Commercial VO

Carmen Colon / Gotham Cyber Media


K.L. Foote - Florida Spot

Commercial VO

Carmen Colon / Gotham Cyber Media


K.L. Foote - NYC Spot

Commercial VO

Carmen Colon / Gotham Cyber Media


Renee Matthews Photography

Commercial VO

Carmen Colon / Gotham Cyber Media


Fleecing Led Zepplin - Internet Film Trailer


Gabriel & Jackie Tolliver / KiwiBrooklyn Media Group


The Blackest Days - Internet Film Trailer


Korea Black / Korea Black Productions


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