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Acting was not the master plan for me. Someone that knew I did voice-overs suggested that I set up a media bio on Backstage, saying although it's mainly for actors, they have listings for voice-over work as well. So I set up a very basic bio page, drop my demos on it and kept it moving. Shortly thereafter, I started getting emails from Backstage stating that my bio was incomplete. After about the seventh one, I decided to inquire about the situation, and because I got an eighth notification before I got a reply back, I inquired a second time. Both replies came back stated my bio was incomplete because I didn't have a photo up on my page. I replied back (to each one), "I'm a voice-over artist, why do I need a picture?" One return reply came back saying based on how their system is set up, I will continue to get notifications until I post a picture. The other return reply said the exact same thing... but also added "Although you are a voice-over talent, you should never turn your back on any opportunity that may come your way."


I took it to heart and put up a photo. A few months later I got an email from an executive producer of a indie film previously called "Purpose Built" now known as "Downshift." He saw my picture and asked would I be interested in reading for a role. I explained to him right then and there that I was a VO artist and had never acted in my life. He told me to come in and read for it. I did... and got the role, and two days later, I was on a shoot acting for the very first time.


From there I was on my way. I started pursuing more acting gigs, having done webseires and shorts here and there. A year later I got an email to audition for the play "A Soldier's Story." I hadn't pursued any theatre work before, not that I was shying away from it, but I knew what it would entail and as a fledgling in the business I didn't think I was ready. Well, I blew the director away in the audition and he cast me on the spot. He wanted to give me a major role from the jump, but didn't me to be overwhelmed, so he gave me the role of CJ. Rehearsals went on and I was complimented on how prepared I was and how I took to the part. I was going to learn a few guitar chords to help me with the role, and was two hours from buying a guitar when I got a call from the director. Ironically a very direct call that said that the person that was supposed to play Sgt Waters had become ill and was unavailable, and now I was Sgt. Waters. I didn't show my fear over the phone, but my heart was racing like crazy, but I took to it like a fish to water, and by the time our next rehearsal came around I was already halfway through Act I off book. My theatre debut was this monumental role, and sixteen months prior acting wasn't mentally on my radar at all. My only formal training was an introductory improv class with John Swist of QuickThinking Improv which I took to improve myself as a VO artist. I constantly give him credit for where I am today.

Age Range: 40-60 / Male / 6'3", 230lbs / Average Build / Black to Salt & Pepper Hair / Brown Eyes


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