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What Is This Down Time You Speak Of... Time To 'Sweat'

So it's been established a long time ago that down time is a myth to me. Thus it should be a surprise to no one that I have already lined up my next production, the 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning play Sweat by Lynn Nottage. Not only am I honored to have a work of Ms. Nottage to my resume, but thrilled that this will take place five minutes from my home... NO JUMPING ON THE GARDEN STATE PARKWAY!!!!!

No stranger to dramas both heartfelt and heart-rending, Lynn Nottage has written one of her most exquisitely devastating tragedies to date. In one of the poorest cities in America, Reading, Pennsylvania, a group of down-and-out factory workers struggle to keep their present lives in balance, ignorant of the financial devastation looming in their near futures. Set in 2008, the powerful crux of this play is knowing the fate of the characters long before it's even in their sights. I will be playing the roles of Evan and Brucie. Yes... ROLES!!! Clearly since I have little driving to do, Director Matt Okin feels I can handle the extra work.

This three weekend run will take place at the Black Box Performing Arts Center, 200 Walraven Drive in Teaneck, NJ from May 2nd to 19th, Thursday through Saturday at 8p, and Sunday at 2p. Ticket info coming soon.

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