Arthur Gregory Pugh

"The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do without thought of fame. If it comes at all it will come because it is deserved, not because it is sought after."

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Actor, New York City Tri-State Area

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'Dependence' is Upon Us

What gets you through your day-to-day? Welcome to the world of Dependence, the latest web series from the creative minds of Crizlassic Productions. Chapter 1: One Hit Wonder After 22 years of committing to a drug free lifestyle, Zeke finds himself in the middle of a smoking cypher where his girlfriend's mom passes him a joint. Will Zeke stay true to his principals or will he finally crack under this very awkward peer pressure? Chapter 2: Family Feud Both Zeke and Lexi are coming to grips with the level of dysfunction in their respective families. While Zeke's parents are engaged in a "Cold War", Lexi's mom is medicating her emotional pain with bottles of wine. Chapter 3: Off the Edge Lexi, o

Hello Dunbar, Pleased to Meet You

Presenting my first production I have the honor of doing with the famed Dunbar Repertory Company. I will be playing the role of Malcolm X's bodyguard Rashad in Jeff Stetson's The Meeting. A Marvel-esque "What If..." for the Black Community, as this tale envisions a get-together between Malcolm and Dr. Martin Luther King in Harlem a week before Malcolm's assassination. Exploring the differences they had about each other and their beliefs, sometimes volatile, sometimes touching, but 100% powerful. Proud to take the stage with Antonio Johnson as Dr. King, and Damien S. Berger as Malcom. Directed by Mark Antonio Henderson. Performances will take place at the Middletown Arts Center, 36 Church S

April Again Launches

Where do I find the time? Over the summer, in between Fences rehearsals, a Saturday opened up for me to take part in shooting a couple of scenes in a feature film entitled April Again, written and directed by Tyrel Hunt (center in yellow). A well told story of different groups of people and their dealings with the community, mental health, the school system, the prison system, and how each group is ultimately connected. Shot in Queens, NY, it caught the eye of community organization SouthSide Thrives one day while shooting. They fell in love with the project and assisted with getting it off the ground. The cast and crew finally got to see the finished product tonight at the Jamaica Center fo

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