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My Mom and Prince... They Both Were Funky

The advent of the .mp3 era made Pugh Family road trips much easier for me. Back in the days of CD's there were two simple rules: a) momma hates hip-hop and b) no matter whatever else I chose, Stevie's Songs In The Key of Life and Candi Staton's Greatest Hits were staples on the trip or else I had to hear Bill Pugh whine coming & going for 4-8hrs depending where along I-95 we were going. My .mp3 players (i never did iPods) eliminated a lot of me setting aside time in my packing schedule, looking at my wall of CD's like an NFL Draft Board trying to decide what kind of mood I would be in for the ride, and as long as I queued up Stevie & Candi, the car was happy.

Both Bill & Becky were amazed by this contraption that was able to hold so much music and play tunes randomly (i would usually have to play Dylan's Gotta Serve Somebody more than once when it popped up, mom loved that track). Of course the natural progression of things was they had to have one for themselves. Dad to mom: Be-Kaaaaaay... we gotta get one of these... and by we he meant her because he knew he would either lose or break it.

I ended up getting her her an iPod (don't ask) for Christmas of '05, along with a portable speaker so she can jam while on her computer... only to discover later that she was a hit at her H&R Block as she ended up taking it to work. When I got it for her I told her to give me a few days to get back to her and we'll start putting music on it for her.

Oh. just give me everything you got on yours, she says.

Everything? I replied.

Well, no hip-hop (side note: mom loved Snoop, never understood that), but yeah, everything else.

Even Prince?

I like Prince.

Uh... no. You like the Prince I allow you to hear.

That you allow me to hear?


Are you implying that I'm a prude?


How bad can it be?

It is at this point I get my player and commence to play Sexy MF.

I only played 15 seconds.

So... you'll be by Saturday?

Around 10. Make breakfast.

When I went into that empty bedroom the day of her passing, the first thing that caught my eye was that iPod. I sat on her bed, queued up Dylan, and smiled. Then I queued up one of her favorite Prince songs, Money Don't Matter Tonight.

But I was thinking of Sexy MF.

Loved that woman.

Happy Mother's Day.

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