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I am often asked what is the one thing I've learned as an actor... something that I can pass along to others aspiring to take on the trade. My answer is simple, "Everything you do is an audition." The audition is an audition... your rehearsals are an audition... your performance is an audition... what you do during your breaks is an audition. You are going to be judged on how you present yourself around your peers, and some of them will go on to greater heights and will have roles that need to be filled... and they will remember you... good, bad, or indifferent. From the very moment you take this leap, you're always in audition mode.

I had the honor of working with the incomparable Ms. Mahogany Reynolds (the better looking of the two in the pic) in my last play, Slow Bullet, My Three Loves. We were father and daughter... and the chemistry was real from the first rehearsal. She brought the passion for her role from day one, and challenged me to be on point from that moment forward. We set the tone of the performance, and the result was dynamic.

Apparently, I left a lasting impression on her as well. Her company, Just Be You Productions, is doing a musical for the holidays, Who Am I... A Christmas Lullaby, and she has cast yours truly for a part in the production. When you meet good people in the industry, you want to keep them around. I'm happy our paths crossed and that she's part of my circle. Details on the performance later in the year.

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