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On August 4, 2017 my 29-year old cousin, Arielle Ponton, was sitting on the sofa talking and joking. She suddenly became incoherent and acting strange. Her mother, my cousin Givonne Ponton dialed 911 and monitored her until EMS arrived. They took her to the emergency room and started with blood work. She was diagnosed as having liver failure and needing a liver transplant. Since the initial diagnosis, Arielle’s liver improved to the point to where a transplant is no longer required, however the doctors are now concerned she may have suffered brain damage. Further tests and diagnosis has shown that Arielle has Neurosarcoidosis, a complication of sarcoidosis, in which inflammation occurs in the brain, spinal cord, and other areas of the nervous system. After a month's stay in the hospital, Arielle was able to come home, but is still in need of continuing care. A GoFundMe Account originally set up for her liver diagnosis is now garnering donations for hospital visits and treatment. Now I understand constantly asking for donations can be a troublesome task. We all have our own crosses to bear, especially in these financial time, and while big donations help immensely I've learned that a lot of progress can be made by a lot giving a little. Using my Detective December persona from my webseries In Our Backyard led me to this campaign. I've created a December calendar. Just the month of December, to raise money for my Lil Cuz. Your choice of photos below. For $5 I will send you one via email, and the $5 will go to her fund. For $15, I will send you an autographed copy via mail, and after postage and printing, $8 will go to her fund, and should you want more than one, each additional copy will be $10 with eight going to the fund. You can make payment via PayPal to and leave delivery instructions within the comments

Thank you for your support.

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